3 - 1 = 3 ?

Forget what you learned at school.
A-Magic completely turns mathematics on his heads.
There is no computer that counts like we do.
Don´t worry, it is just an illusion.


Are you familiar with the Euro ?

A-Magic is quicker than the German Federal Bank.
We are the first exchange office, that can magically
convert DM into Euro. You won´t believe your eyes.


Are you familiar with flying card ?

We are proud to present an imaginative magic trick,
that will simply amaze the spectators.
Imagine that your chosen card does the loop,
like an eight loop roller coaster and than it lands
underneath your hands. By that we mean A-Magic has invented
the first roller coaster card, that does the loop eight times.


Is the light on ?

There is no cable, no electricity, only a towel.
This is the first environmentally friendly bulb in the world.
The path of magic is lit up without the help of electricity.

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